April 2010

Dressed to the K9’s competition – finalists picked

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Our annual pet fancy dress competition “Dressed to the K9’s” has seen some fantastic entries. The competition closed on Sunday 25th April to entries and the top ten finalists have been picked.

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Possession aggression

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‘Possession aggression’ is the term used to describe threatening behaviour such as staring, standing over, showing of teeth, low to rising growling, snarling, snapping and/or biting, when it is associated with toys or other items in the dog’s possession.  It can also be referred to as resource guarding. A dog that’s potentially possessive aggressive will […]

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Crate training

Crate training is a useful tool for both housetraining and preventing some unwanted behaviours. A crate can also become like a den for your dog, somewhere safe and comfortable where he can go to enjoy a nap or to take himself off on his own for a while.

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Poo Eating

For many species, such as rabbits, coprophagy (poo eating) is a normal ingestive behaviour that provides a variety of nutrients, including B-complex vitamins. Mother dogs instinctively ingest their puppies’ excrement from birth to approximately 3 weeks of age and adult males will also ingest faeces produced by young puppies. Although dogs of all ages may […]

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Dressed to the K9’s competition – just 6 days left to enter

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There’s just 6 days left for you to enter into our pet fancy dress photo competition “Dressed to the K9’s” in aid of Every Chance Rescue.  There are fantastic prizes up for grabs including; The Bill Barrowcliff Winner’s Trophy, photographic shoot with award winning Ian Waldron Photography worth £250, a luxury hamper full of pet […]

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Chewing in puppies and dogs

Chewing can be frustrating to owners; however this is normal dog behaviour. Chewing in young puppies can be to relieve the discomfort of teething and a need to learn about their surroundings. Chewing can also be a problem in older dogs when you start supervising them less and they have more freedom to move around […]

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