July 2010

Dogs imitate owners

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Many of my clients and puppy class students will often hear me discuss how their behaviour can impact their dog’s behaviour and this often through observational learning.  The idea that our dogs behave like us has been backed by research conducted in a collaborative project by biologists and psychologists at the universities of Vienna and […]

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Sponsoring local heroes

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Hanne Grice Dog Listener in association with Walk the Dog is delighted to be the sponsor for Mark Talbott, British National Champion at Hovercraft racing.

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Aggression and lacking the ‘Feel Good Factor’

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While many dog owners will tolerate a dog that pulls on the lead or is destructive when left alone, aggression is problem most owners won’t tolerate.  In my role as a dog trainer and behaviour specialist, I help clients understand why their dog behaves in such a way and how to deal with aggressive behaviours […]

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First Aid For Dogs

Dog First Aid

First of all “Do not panic!” The most common type of first aid administered to dogs is bandaging. Always be careful when bandaging a leg not to put it on too tight as this could restrict the circulation. It is always best to put the bandage around the paw as well. Unless it is a […]

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Dogs have their day in Ashridge

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Saturday 3rd July 2010 saw the launch of the first annual Meet the Team and Walk in Ashridge event. Nearly sixty clients plus Facebook fans and their 38 four-legged friends joined the Walk the Dog team. The weather was glorious for this turn out and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to meet one another’s pets ranging […]

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