Training with Hanne Grice – a testimonial

Training with Hanne Grice - a testimonial

An appointment was booked for Hanne Grice to visit our house to discuss the training of our new puppy. She arrived punctually and we quickly determined to split the puppy training into two sessions instead of one, which we felt better for our schedules of work and concentration of the children and puppy.

The first session started by Hanne carefully explaining the contents of our training folder. This contains lots of information on puppy behaviour; how they think, behave; dangers for the dog.  How we expect the puppy to behave as our pet. Absolutely fascinating; so much to learn.

Hanne’s has great energy and absolute love of her job shone through her teaching.

She interacted and included the children in all she said, making it absolutely fascinating for them.

Then the training started with Hanne working with Holly, showing how her behaviour changed when she did certain actions. My thoughts where how easy she made it look and within minutes Holly was doing everything Hanne asked of her.

Then it was our turn, much harder than it looked. But within a few minutes Holly was responding to the instructions of the children. In all I couldn’t believe how many things we had achieved in our two hours. Hanne worked methodically and effortlessly all this time. When she left we were so excited to try out the new behaviours, but Holly was exhausted and slept for the next four hours.

I couldn’t believe how effective the training was; quite amazing. We’ve put into practice all the lessons learnt and now Holly does not bite, jump up, will sit, lye, walk, roll-over on command.

Without a doubt I would highly recommend Hanne and “Walk the Dog” as quite frankly the best dog trainer. We are looking forward to our 2nd session in a couple of weeks, I’m hoping that Hanne will be impressed by the work we’ve put in with Holly. I cannot wait to read her book and watch how, even more, her business becomes successful.

I would highly recommend Walk the Dog and anyone with a puppy or dog with behaviour problems should invest in her easy to follow positive reinforcement training

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