March 2014

Dealing with separation anxiety

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Puppies need to learn to be alone and to do this you must expose your dog to shorts bursts of alone time, this is called ‘Gesture Leaving’.

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Talking PhD’s with Royal Veterinary College student – Emma Buckland

We talk to Emma Buckland about life at the RVC. Occupation: PhD student at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London Pets: A leopard gecko called Sugar, and 2 female guinea pigs; Popcorn and Pepper Interests: Making cute things with my sewing machine Guilty pleasure: Iced coffee (lots of it!) You’re currently studying for a […]

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The canine brain

Ever wondered how your dog’s brain works? A brief guide… Your dog’s brain is a sophisticated organ – it controls his thinking, learning, and actions.  It’s also responsible for interpreting and integrating information from all over the body, much like our human brains. And, in February 2014, research led by Dr Attila Andics revealed more […]

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Picking the right puppy for you

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So, you have decided you are getting a dog; you have done your homework, picked a breeder – now it is time to visit the litter. While it is hard to resist the first puppy that bounces over to you, choosing the right personality to suit you and your household is vital. I often hear […]

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How to speak ‘Dog’

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Over the years I’ve conducted various research studies to find out just how well we understand our dogs. One recent study involved over 100 people. They had to answer questions which included images of typical dog body postures, common behavioural scenarios and basic handling & management questions. A summary of the results showed that; over […]

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