May 2014

Animal First Aid – quick reference guide

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Would you know what to do if your pet was injured? Here is our quick reference guide to Animal First Aid. a QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE The most common type of first aid administered to dogs is bandaging.Always be careful when bandaging a leg not to put it on too tight as this could restrict the […]

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Now booking for June: puppy & adult dog training classes

Our Walk the Dog Puppy Courses are all booked up for May, however we have two new Stage 1 courses planned:

* Starting Tuesday 1st June 7.33pm to 8.35pm running for five weeks
* Starting Tuesday 22nd June 6.30pm to 7.30pm running for five weeks

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Hot weather safety tips for pets

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We’ve had a lovely few days with the warm weather, however, while we have the luxury of changing into shorts and t-shirts, our four-legged friends aren’t as lucky being stuck with their furry coat! So, while this warm weather continues, think about the following when walking your pets… Take water bottles out with you so […]

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New research reveals genetic traits between ‘man and his dog’

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Two independent studies of genomes in dogs are currently helping researchers get a better understanding of the complexities of our four-legged friends. The first study by the University of Michigan has revealed that dogs share the same gene that causes albinism in humans. The condition known as ‘oculocutaneous albinism’ is caused by some defects in […]

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Figures released show a rise in dangerous dogs

Figures obtained by the Press Association from police forces in England, Wales and Scotland have shown a significant rise in the number of dangerous dogs seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) last year. Banned breeds* include: any pitbull types, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasileiro and Dogo Argentino. West Midlands Police saw a rise by 50% […]

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