February 2015

Emotional contagion in dogs

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Have you ever been in a supermarket and heard a baby cry?  What was your reaction: did you turn to see where the baby was?  Did you feel irritated? Were you concerned for the child?  For most of us, when we hear the sound of a little one in distress, we pay attention and our […]

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Nose-it all: How dogs smell

Your dog has an incredible nose.  The average human has around five million hair cells up their nose and your dog has approximately 300 million.  The average dog has such acutely sensitive scenting ability that it can identify smells so diluted that even scientific instruments cannot measure them.  To study this, John Paul Scott and […]

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Dogs and toddlers – staying safe

Arrive before class every Saturday at Puppy & Dog School and you will get to meet the youngest member of the team – my 17 month old.  For the purpose of this article, I will refer to her as my ‘Little One’ (LO for short). Since birth, LO has been fortunate enough to be surrounded […]

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Changes in dog’s behaviour may reveal an owner’s illness

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Monitoring a dog’s mood could provide vital information into the wellbeing of its owner.  Experts at Newcastle University are using movement sensors to track normal dog behaviour while the animals are both home alone and out-and-about.  This system provides an insight into the secret life of man’s best friend, the sensors show not only when the […]

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Dogs recognise happy and angry faces

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As many of my clients will testify, I am always wittering on about the importance of how you ‘look and sound’ when interacting with your dog. Never is this so important when training, for example recall. After all, who wants to return to someone who looks and sounds angry! And, it seems that research is […]

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