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Lauren joined our team back in October 2014. A former Photography researcher with the image library Superstock, we asked Lauren to go ‘under the spot light’, so you can get to know her better…

Age: 34.
Resides: Tring.
Any children? Yes, Isla my 2 year old.
Passions: Sewing, exercise, cinema, Music and anything crafty!
Favourite dog breed: I’ve always liked Bearded Collies but I’ve been won over by Labradoodles.
Favourite walk: Tring Park.

1. You’ve had a varied career, so what encouraged you to join us at Puppy & Dog School?  After 9 years in the picture library industry I was looking for a change and when the opportunity came up, having always loved dogs, I jumped at the chance.

2. As an animal lover, tell us a little about some of the pets you’ve owned over the years?  We had many family pets during my childhood, the first being a rabbit called Snowdrop, then we had hamsters, more rabbits and then an Old English Sheep Dog called Beth who was with us right up until my university years.

3. What do you enjoy most about your job?  I enjoy seeing the pups progress over the courses – when they learn a new trick or command, or complete an obstacle course that was once scary for them, it’s very exciting.

4. You create children’s clothes and embroidered artwork.  What’s easier to work with children or animals? I’ve come to realise that the two can be very similar! They both have their challenges but are equally rewarding.

5. What would you say is your biggest learning since joining the team?  I’ve learned that animal communication is a vast language but once you’ve got the groundwork sussed you can build great relationships with dogs, and seeing it happen in class is very special.

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