Microchipping laws – what dog owners need to know

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This year marks a change in how you register your pet.  From April 2016, it will become law for all owners to have their dog’s microchipped, under changes that were originally announced three years ago. For Wales, the new law will come into effect from March, however Ireland have been streets ahead having made this a legal requirement back in 2012.

The new law states that all dogs over the age of 8 weeks old must be microchipped from 6th April 2016.

It’s been estimated that there are over 2 million dogs that are still yet to undergo this procedure.  Not only will owners or ‘keepers’ need to have their pet registered, but their details must be kept up-to-date.  Failure to register your pet may result in a notice to have your dog microchipped, prosecution and a fine of £500.

However, there is an exemption; this is where a vet has certified in writing that the animal is ‘unfit’ to be microchipped.

Why microchip?

microchipAccording to reports, lost and stray pets cost welfare charities and UK taxpayers over £33 million per year.  So, microchipping helps reunite a dog and owner faster.

Free microchipping

Good news for owners; there are still a number of places across the country offering free microchipping for dogs, if you haven’t yet done this.  Click on the link to find your nearest venue.

Click here to find out more about UK Animal Welfare policy.

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