May 2016

Human lung disease found in dogs

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A new study has discovered that a rare form of pulmonary hypertension (PVOD), previously only thought to occur in humans, has been discovered in dogs.  This is the first time the disease has ever been documented in another species. Kurt Williams, the lead author of the study conducted by Michigan State University said: “PVOD is […]

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Night blindness in dogs

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Researchers have – for the first time ever – found a form of congenital night blindness in dogs.  There are a number of different conditions that can cause congenital blindness, including certain diseases and genetic factors.  Yet this latest discovery and subsequent hunt for the genetic mutation responsible for night blindness, may allow for the […]

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Two hearts beat as one

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Talk to most dog owners and they’ll agree that nothing beats that pleasure we get when greeted by our pet after a separation.  You could even argue that this outward display of affection, when we return home, is when owners feel at our most ‘loved’ by Fido.  We know that the special connection between dog […]

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Talk Radio – Interview with Hanne Grice

When Pero the sheepdog travelled nearly 250 miles to be reunited back with his owner having been put out on loan to another farmer, the story caught the attention of the media across the world. But how did the dog achieve such an amazing feat, managing to navigate his way home? This was the question […]

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