Enrichment tip: crazy kebabs

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This is a simple hack that you can get the kids involved in.

What you will need:

  • Some carrots (or whatever your dog is motivated by, such as sausage, cheese, cucumber)
  • A skewer (or scissors if you don’t have one)
  • Garden string

How to make your crazy kebab:

Cut up some carrots and use your kebab skewer to create a hole in the middle.  The hole needs to be big enough for you to draw string through.

Next, thread the carrots one by one onto the string.  Then find a safe place for you to hang the loaded string up. Secure the ends tightly in a knot so your dog can work at the carrots without risk of getting tangled or eating the string.  Do not leave your dog unattended when he or she’s interacting with the crazy kebab as we want to avoid any mishaps. 

Take into account any food stuffs you’re using as part of your dog’s daily calorie intake to avoid any weight gain. 

This hack is suitable for dogs of all ages.  

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