Dogs and cats – can they get along?

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A question I often get asked is “Can dogs and cats get along?” it’s a common misconception that the two species cannot live happily ever after within a home. Whether raising a puppy with a resident feline or adding an adult dog into the mix, a little management goes a long way toward fostering a […]

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Keep Easter happy & safe for pets

Forget the Easter treats – look out for the Easter threats!

With an estimated 10 million dogs in the UK, no doubt there will be a few drooling mouths as you tuck into your Easter treats, even if there may be less than usual due to the current social distancing restrictions meaning we’ll have no visitors this year.  

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Have a happy cat

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In recent years the popularity of the cat has increased. Despite this many cats still end up in rescue centres or presented for euthanasia. Behavioural problems, as reported by owners, are one of the most important causes for the failure of the cat-owner relationship.

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