Enrichment tip: toilet roll treats

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This is a simple hack that you can get the kids involved in. What you will need:  Toilet roll tube[s]  Some of your dog’s kibble or treats How to make your toilet roll treat: Grab yourself a toilet roll tube and have to hand some of your dog’s daily kibble or treat allowance (dried food […]

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Enrichment tip: crazy kebabs

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This is a simple hack that you can get the kids involved in. What you will need: Some carrots (or whatever your dog is motivated by, such as sausage, cheese, cucumber) A skewer (or scissors if you don’t have one) Garden string How to make your crazy kebab: Cut up some carrots and use your […]

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A pawesome deal for clients & followers on Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear

Whoop!  We have secured this pawesome deal just for you… We love to use Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear toys to improve the bond with our dogs and boost motivation in training to take things to the next level. Tug-E-Nuff make a huge range of toys to suit any dog, whether they like to chase, are barmy […]

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60 Seconds with Ann Baslington-Davies – expert canine witness

Ann Baslington-Davis is a Canine Behaviour Analyst, specialising as an expert witness for Court cases involving dog bites and fights.  An expert witness would be called into assist where a dog has bitten (or alleged to have bitten) a person whilst out in a public place or on private property, or if a dog has […]

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Dogs can be good for your social life

A recent poll of 2,000 dog owners by Janevic et al. (2019) supports previous findings that pets can promote social contact between other owners (Knight and Edwards, 2008). The researchers found pet parents met, on average, four new people thanks to their four-legged friend either through dog walking or puppy training classes. Most owners also […]

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Tring Living Magazine – Spring 2016

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Check out the Spring 2016 issue of Tring Living to read all about our forthcoming workshops that will help bust a few neurons for you and your pooch.  From learning how to teach your dog tricks used in films and television to tackling reactivity on or off the lead, we have a wealth of choice […]

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Stress in dogs – what we can’t see

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A large part of my work involves teaching pet owners to recognise the signs of stress.  After all, if we can recognise the early warning signs that our four-legged friend is feeling uncomfortable then we can do something about it to take that pressure away. But what about the stuff you cannot see?  Have you […]

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New research reveals genetic traits between ‘man and his dog’

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Two independent studies of genomes in dogs are currently helping researchers get a better understanding of the complexities of our four-legged friends. The first study by the University of Michigan has revealed that dogs share the same gene that causes albinism in humans. The condition known as ‘oculocutaneous albinism’ is caused by some defects in […]

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Figures released show a rise in dangerous dogs

Figures obtained by the Press Association from police forces in England, Wales and Scotland have shown a significant rise in the number of dangerous dogs seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) last year. Banned breeds* include: any pitbull types, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasileiro and Dogo Argentino. West Midlands Police saw a rise by 50% […]

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