Hanne Grice is quite simply as good as it gets.  Hanne has been helping us with our dogs for over 5 years now.  She’s been there along the way as our pups have gone through puppyhood, then adolescence and onto middle-age.  Hanne is a rare combination of expertise and deep learning. She not only has years of rich experience of working with dogs, she is also extremely well versed in research and theory of animal behaviour .  This sets her apart from others.  The other key to Hanne’s success is that she “gets” people and knows that dogs can only succeed if owners do the right thing.  She’s a wonderful coach, mentor, supporter, and champion.  Do yourself a huge favour, work with Hanne and don’t bother with the rest!”  Julie Naismith, Canmore, Canada.

Just finished stage two training with Hannah and it was fantastic.  Isla loved it.  It was well run and organised.  Isla was never bored and learnt loads.  Can’t wait for stage 3! :)”  Natalie Johnson, Tring.

“We rescued Tasha and Murphy last year from appalling circumstances and they brought us so much joy, love and fun and a sense of purpose in our lives.  We approached Hanne in our quest to understand them better and with her understanding and support we have!  In addition, she referred us to The National Association of Registered Petsitters and through her we found our lovely dog walker Sue.”  Alex Miller, Enfield.

“Darcey was running away on walks and becoming quite anxious at home.  Hanne gave us wonderful advice and is always available to talk on the phone about any problems we encountered during our training.  Darcey has greatly improved in all areas including pulling on the lead which we thought would never be conquered.”  Sarah Bryars, Tring.

“After 2 years of being dragged down the street by my Shar Pei Stanley, I decided something had to be done.  I would come home after a day at the office to find my lounge window soaked from Stan’s constant barking while I was gone.  Hanne saved the day, after a visit and some training Stan is much calmer and happier and I no longer have to clean my windows every day, and walks are becoming more relaxed!!  I can’t thank Hanne enough.”  Susan Garland, Milton Keynes.

“Our Border Collie was a rescue dog and she was nervous and not fully house trained.  Hanne responded very quickly to our request for help and showed real concern for Esther’s well being…we engaged Hanne to assist with training Esther and she was extremely pleasant and effective.  After the initial consultation, which she was able to offer promptly; Hanne provided extended support by phone and email while we worked with Esther.  Hanne was patient, supportive and insightful and helped us to move Esther forward to the point where she is now settling down, walking well on the lead and learning to overcome her early fear of cars.”   Michael Stock, Harpenden.

“From the outset I was impressed by Hanne’s professional manner and in particular her interaction with my dog, Otto. It was evident that Hanne has been well trained and took time to assess Otto and his particular needs.  Having moved home Otto was upset with the changes to his routine and had become destructive.

With the in depth training from Hanne we established his new boundaries and the difference in his behaviour was noticeable within days.  Hanne also provided me with a detailed review of Otto and notes to help retrain him.”   Elizabeth Owen-Ward, Leighton Buzzard.

“I can’t tell you how grateful we are for our training session – it has already made the most enormous difference in our relationship with Jaco…The best thing is how he is looking to me all the time for what to do.  I really feel that we will soon have a very obedient and happy dog.  Fantastic! I am telling everyone about you.” Barbara & Bill McGillivray, Tring.

“You’re extremely professional and deliver a first class service.” Olga Butler, Watford.

“Digby is without doubt much calmer and his ‘fussy eating’ has stopped so there is a great improvement here too.  He no longer hurtles around when we come home or he sees the lead so there is improvement.” Peter & Denise Matthews, Berkhamsted.