Playing With Your Dog

Have a smarter, fitter, healthier dog

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playing-with-your-dog Nurture the playfulness of your pet dog!

In Hanne Grice’s Playing With Your Dog, you will learn how playing enhances your pet’s natural skills. Playing can benefit both humans and dogs in several ways.

For humans, playing is the key to developing the coordination that lets them perform their daily activities—may it be physical or social. Playing can also help dogs in other ways. It allows a dog to use its natural behaviours by boosting its fitness and cognitive skills.

This book will help any dog owner work out the games that are best suited for their pet to play throughout his life, from puppyhood to old age. Playing With Your Dog also shares some tricks for all ages, group activities, and recommended toys that dogs will enjoy. Owners can also learn a few tips from this book to keep their pet tame while having fun. A useful guide, this book is a must-have for dog owners and lovers alike.

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£5.99: Paperback – CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK