During the first 2 weeks of a puppy’s life, its senses develop and it learns how to be a dog and what’s acceptable dog behaviour. They will explore the whelping box, climb up the sides, fall over, start to walk on all fours bumping into their litter mates and engage for the first time in what eventually becomes play behaviour. As puppies develop, the more dog-like they become. They have more rough and tumble games, and play fighting plus biting teaches them how hard to bite to cause pain and by being bitten in return they learn what pain feels like! Puppies have weak, under developed jaw muscles and it’s during this time they must learn how to regulate their strength of bite. During this period, the mother will also begin to teach her pups discipline.

Most people will bring their puppy home around 7 to 10 weeks of age, and having a new puppy in your home can be a daunting time for both puppy and owner.  It can be traumatic for the puppy to leave the familiar environment of its litter to then come into a new home where sights, smells and sounds are very different, and the people are speaking a language they do not understand.

Hanne can help new dog owners understand how to deal with the puppy in a language it understands from the very beginning.  We can give you the information and understanding you need, plus a full set of notes – and back up for as long as you need.  In return, you’ll learn how to bring up your puppy as a happy and relaxed dog, who will learn to respond to you without the use of gadgets or force.