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Every owner wants a happy, sociable and contented dog – so give your pet the best start possible by joining our Puppy & Dog School.  We run a number of courses to set you and your dog up for success, run by certified trainers.

stage1Stage 1: aimed at newly vaccinated puppies – from approximately 10+ weeks of age.


stage2Stage 2: for approx 6+ month olds – when puppies typically enter their ‘teens’.


stage3Stage 3: for dogs with intermediate training & Stage 2 graduates looking to progress their skills.


Not sure which course is right for you or your dog?

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During COVID-19

As a result of the current COVID-19 crisis, we suspended our in-person group classes until Monday 7th September and instead been running our popular classes live and online.  Whilst clients have been at home, this has presented a fantastic opportunity to introduce key behaviours to set them and their puppies up for success.

Our courses are designed to help you understand your dog from puppyhood and beyond, learn what drives his behaviour, teach you how to promote the wanted behaviour, as well as learning how to deal with the unwanted stuff too – all in a calm and controlled way. 

We focus on positive reinforcement methods, utilising various training methods for speed of acquisition of behaviours, reliability and greater dog-owner focus.  Numerous studies in recent decades have highlighted the fall-out associated with aversives used in ‘traditional’ training (such as yanking of the lead, shouting, pushing the dog into position etc), this can include: increased risk of owner-directed aggression, and anxiety.  Therefore compulsion methods together with equipment including choke collars, check chains etc, are strictly forbidden.  All dogs must be fully vaccinated and wormed. 

  • Our group classes at Nora Grace Hall are six weeks and our online classes are five weeks
  • Our class sizes are kept small to ensure you and your dog are given the attention you deserve in an calm environment.  
  • Group classes are held Mondays evenings at the Nora Grace Hall in Tring.  Our online classes are held Monday evenings via our private video link which you receive access to upon sign up.  See dates below for further information.

Click onto the video to hear what our students say about our courses.


Our Stage 1 course is aimed at newly vaccinated puppies up to approx. 5+ months.  The course gives you and your puppy…

  • our group classes give your pup the opportunity to meet others in a calm & controlled environment
  • our online classes help advise on socialising your puppy during COVID-19 and avoid unwanted behaviours post-lockdown
  • understanding of how dogs think and the importance of not pressuring your pup
  • the skills to avoid unwanted behaviours
  • basic training from recall to walking to heel
  • the tools you need to ensure you have a long and happy relationship with your dog
  • handouts & summary emails each week

Our Stage 2 course is aimed at puppies from 6+ months that have graduated from our Stage 1 course or have had some basic training.  This course helps your young dog…

  • get to grips with further training skills
  • understand crisis management
  • introduce distance control
  • learn placement cues
  • and, some fun tricks too

This course is essential as most puppies reach puberty around this time, so it keeps them ‘on track.’  You will also receive handouts & summary email reminders each week.

Our Stage 3 course is aimed at dogs that have graduated from Stage 2, or dogs that have intermediate training. This course gives your dog…

  • learn to control your dog’s energy and enthusiasm
  • capture your dog’s attention
  • increase the reliability of responses
  • distance control including ‘stays’ with heavy distraction
  • maintain those skills already learnt
  • and, for owners to continue their understanding of how dogs think

You will also receive handouts & summary email reminders each week.

Online classes are live so you login from home.  Details of your login and what you’ll need for your classes will be sent you upon sign up.  

Group classes are held at: Nora Grace Hall (formerly known as the Red Cross Hall), Faversham Close, Tring HP23 5BA.  Monday evenings with Stage 1 Puppies starting at 7pm and Stage 2 Teens and Stage 3 Improvers starting at 8.15pm.  Classes run for one hour.  These are priced at £75.00 (non-refundable) until September.  From November our courses increase to £80 due to restrictions relating to COVID-19 reducing the number of students we are allowed per class.  Then our final price change occurs from 2021 to £85 for our six week in-person. 

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