Rescue dogs

If you’re thinking of offering a forever home to a dog from a rescue shelter, then it’s important to understand these dogs may need a lot of time to overcome its natural fears and to learn to trust in humans.  After all, there is no such thing as instant best friend, even with dogs!

Very often owners will place a lot of emphasis on what has happened in the dog’s past.  However, many rescue dogs are abandoned without any explanation as to where they came from or why they were rejected.  It’s important to show patience and understanding with your new dog.  For example, your dog may find it very intimidating to meet visitors, to take a long journey in the car, or go away on a family holiday in the first few months.  So, what may be considered fun for us can be terrifying for the dog, so careful planning when choosing a rescue dog is a good idea.

Providing a loving home for a rescue dog is not only rewarding but the pleasure our new dog can bring into our lives when they learn to trust again is incredible.  If you decide that you would like to give a dog a second chance then understanding what your new best friend will be looking for in you is important to help your dog settle into its new home, and feel safe in your care.  Hanne can give you the skills to help you overcome any issues with your rescue dog, teaching with a calm approach and focusing on positive training, to help you understand how to have a happy and relaxed dog.

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