common dog training mistakes

5 dog myths – busted

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Over the years I am sure we have all heard various statements relating to dogs and their behaviour – why they do this or that, what you should or should not do and so on… However, every so often a friend, family member or client may come out with a pearl of wisdom that is […]

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Staying safe on a walk

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That regular trip around the block or down to the park can lull us dog owners, into a false sense of security and routine about our walk. But have you ever considered what you would do if your safety or that of your dog’s was compromised? Although dogfights look and sound frightening, most of them end […]

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Dog trainers…we make mistakes too!

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In my role as a dog trainer and behaviour specialist, a huge amount of my time is spent helping owners who are experiencing unwanted behaviours from their pet. In many cases, there is miscommunication between the dog and owner; where actions the owner has taken have very often – and – unwittingly led to the […]

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