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Baby proofing your dog

“Congratulations, you’re having a baby” said the doctor, confirming the results that the little pregnancy stick had revealed just a few days earlier.  It was 28th December 2012.  A wide range of emotions came to the fore as I suddenly I found myself saying aloud ”but what about the dog?” Over the last eleven years […]

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Stress in dogs – what we can’t see

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A large part of my work involves teaching pet owners to recognise the signs of stress.  After all, if we can recognise the early warning signs that our four-legged friend is feeling uncomfortable then we can do something about it to take that pressure away. But what about the stuff you cannot see?  Have you […]

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How to speak ‘Dog’

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Over the years I’ve conducted various research studies to find out just how well we understand our dogs. One recent study involved over 100 people. They had to answer questions which included images of typical dog body postures, common behavioural scenarios and basic handling & management questions. A summary of the results showed that; over […]

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Misunderstanding can lead to dog bites

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In my role as a behaviour specialist, I’m often called into homes where owners have been bitten by their dogs; understandably this is very distressing and confusing for owners, especially when they believe there was no clear warning, but was there?

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Aggression in dogs

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Aggression is usually a defence reflex, initially exhibited as a threat or warning, ultimately exhibited in a real form when there is no other option left. It can usually be avoided if you understand the cause, can read the signs and know how to desensitise the dog’s lack of trust towards the situation.

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