dog cognition

Traditional training versus Modern methods

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It was only a few centuries ago that scientists and philosophers believed dogs were dumb animals incapable of thought.  Descartes, suggested dogs had no intelligence, reasoning or consciousness, instead they were controlled by physical reflexes and unthinking responses to things that stimulate them. Darwin challenged this with the publication of ‘On the Origin of Species’ […]

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Dogs can recognise human faces

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There’s nothing better than being reunited with your pooch when you’ve been away; and You Tube is awash with such tear-jerking moments as the dog greets his owner. While there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that dogs recognise their owners faces, research has now proven it to be true.  Using an fMRI scanner, […]

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Emotional contagion in dogs

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Have you ever been in a supermarket and heard a baby cry?  What was your reaction: did you turn to see where the baby was?  Did you feel irritated? Were you concerned for the child?  For most of us, when we hear the sound of a little one in distress, we pay attention and our […]

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