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Dog massage – ‘Galen in action’ with Caroline Durrant

Our four-legged friends stand on their toes, ankles in the air with their knees forward.  Imagine doing that all day and you will have a better idea of the weight and stress Fido puts on his muscles and joints.  It takes lots of energy, strength, and flexibility to chase squirrels, scratch behind ears, wrestle with […]

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Top 5 Tips for training recall

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When the video of ‘Fenton’, the lively black Labrador, chasing deer across Richmond Park followed by his swearing owner went viral three years ago, dog owners around the world nodded in understanding – haven’t we all been there at some stage? Teaching a reliable recall is best achieved when our dog is young. But often, […]

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Shock collars present welfare risk to dogs

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It is estimated that close to 500,000 dog owners in the UK use electronic collars (e-collars). With around to 170 different models of e-collars available on the market, the use of these devices in dog training doesn’t come without controversy. The latest research from the University of Lincoln seems to back previous studies that show […]

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Dealing with separation anxiety

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Puppies need to learn to be alone and to do this you must expose your dog to shorts bursts of alone time, this is called ‘Gesture Leaving’.

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