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Dog trainers…we make mistakes too!

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In my role as a dog trainer and behaviour specialist, a huge amount of my time is spent helping owners who are experiencing unwanted behaviours from their pet. In many cases, there is miscommunication between the dog and owner; where actions the owner has taken have very often – and – unwittingly led to the […]

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Dogs can determine another’s size by the sound it makes

Study proves dogs can determine another’s size by the sound it makes

Most people know that a dog’s sense of smell is superior and from a scentmark they can detect all sorts of information. However, did you know that dogs also have the ability to determine another’s size just from the sound it makes? A study conducted by Péter Pongrácz of the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, […]

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Puppy classes Berkhamsted & Tring

So, you’ve got a new puppy and you are planning to start puppy classes because you know good puppy classes are an integral part of helping you and your dog invest in a long and harmonious future. We offer a range of courses for puppies to teenage dogs to help set you up for success. […]

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