dogs and babies

Baby proofing your dog

“Congratulations, you’re having a baby” said the doctor, confirming the results that the little pregnancy stick had revealed just a few days earlier.  It was 28th December 2012.  A wide range of emotions came to the fore as I suddenly I found myself saying aloud ”but what about the dog?” Over the last eleven years […]

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Emotional contagion in dogs

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Have you ever been in a supermarket and heard a baby cry?  What was your reaction: did you turn to see where the baby was?  Did you feel irritated? Were you concerned for the child?  For most of us, when we hear the sound of a little one in distress, we pay attention and our […]

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Dogs and toddlers – staying safe

Arrive before class every Saturday at Puppy & Dog School and you will get to meet the youngest member of the team – my 17 month old.  For the purpose of this article, I will refer to her as my ‘Little One’ (LO for short). Since birth, LO has been fortunate enough to be surrounded […]

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Children and dogs

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A dog bite is serious and traumatic, especially for children. Being bitten by a dog can make a child distrust not only the dog that bit them, but also all dogs that they will ever meet in the course of their lives.

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