VIDEO: 10th anniversary of Playing With Your Dog

This year has without a doubt been a strange and troubling one for many.  However, for me it also brings some fond memories.  That’s because 2020 marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of my book ‘Playing With Your Dog: Have a Smarter, Fitter, Healthier Dog.’ To celebrate, I have popped a little video below […]

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Dogs can be good for your social life

A recent poll of 2,000 dog owners by Janevic et al. (2019) supports previous findings that pets can promote social contact between other owners (Knight and Edwards, 2008). The researchers found pet parents met, on average, four new people thanks to their four-legged friend either through dog walking or puppy training classes. Most owners also […]

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Are anxious people more likely to be bitten?

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There are many variables that can lead to a dog bite including but not limited to: the context, what the stimulus is doing that provokes the dog’s reaction, handling methods used, the dog’s genetics, state of health, hormones, and previous experiences. Learning reliable bite inhibition before 18 weeks of age is important otherwise it can […]

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Dogs imitate owners

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Many of my clients and puppy class students will often hear me discuss how their behaviour can impact their dog’s behaviour and this often through observational learning.  The idea that our dogs behave like us has been backed by research conducted in a collaborative project by biologists and psychologists at the universities of Vienna and […]

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