Lucy’s Law – proposed ban on puppy and kitten farming

A positive step forward in promoting greater health and welfare for puppies and kittens has been made.  DEFRA announced a consultation on the ‘banning of commercial third-party sales of puppies and kittens in England’.  If this becomes law, it will ban pet stores, dealers and other outlets from selling puppies and kittens at less than […]

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Under the Spotlight: Emma Tanaka

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Emma (left in photo) joined our team back in the summer, thrown into the deep end with a six hour lecture on fighting dogs – we’re kind like that. 😉  A former Photography researcher with Pinewood now working in aerospace, we asked Emma to go ‘under the spot light’, so you can get to know […]

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Factors to consider when choosing a dog

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Many people choose a dog based on experiences from their past.  They may have fond memories of a dog once owned by their family when they were children.  Others may surf the internet and fall in love with one online.  However, the surest way to select the right family dog for you is to consider […]

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10 behaviours all good puppies should know

It only takes a matter of seconds to search sites like Amazon to see the plethora of books and DVDs available to help owners have that ‘perfect puppy’.  In a world where some owners may not have the luxury of time to read weighty books on canine behaviour and training, one of the most common […]

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So your dog humps? It’s ok.

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I was speaking with one of my students at Puppy & Dog School and the discussion of mounting cropped up.  Her not quite 11 weeks old puppy had mounted some friends recently and she was told it was because her little one was being dominant.  It is sweeping statements like these made by well-meaning friends […]

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Want a happy pup? Study proves play is the key

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Christmas is typically our busiest time of the year for training new puppies, that’s because owners are understandably keen to get a head start before the onset of festivities.  However, in December 2014 we broke all records for the number of training sessions conducted – with over 100 hours of training with puppies alone.  So […]

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