Looking to hold an event for your friends, colleagues or clients? Whether you’re part of a dog training club, a pet care professional or simply love to hang out with your dog loving pals, Hanne and the team have a number of workshops and presentations that you can choose from – and we will bring the event to you.

Presentations and workshops include;

  1. An Introduction to Dog Body Language 
  2. An Introduction to Exercising Your Dog with guest presenter 
  3. Playing With Your Dog: the importance of play, game ideas and practical exercises
  4. Ten Behaviours All Good Dogs Should Know: looking at the theory and practical exercises
  5. Dogs and Babies: the impact young children have on the owner-dog relationships
  6. How Animals Learn: understanding classical & operant conditioning, plus other ways of learning and how this can impact behaviour
  7. Common Behaviour Problems in Companion Animals – includes dogs and cats
  8. Personality in Animals: a look at this new field of study

All presentations are designed to be a half or full day workshop with a coffee and tea break[s], however these can be tailored to your individual requirements.  Informal questions and discussion are encouraged and attendees are supplied with worksheets, handouts and will receive a Certification of Attendance.

Hanne also lectures in Applied Animal Behaviour & Training, as well as Human-Animal Interactions & Psychology.  If you would like to discuss guest speaker options or to arrange a presentation, contact Hanne.

Prices for presentation workshops and lecturing start from £450.

See our Terms and Conditions.

Here’s what people are saying about our workshops…

I liked the worksheets [Dog Body Language workshop] and the fact it was interactive, and Hanne showed examples of real dogs. I’ve already been recommending this to friends as it’s taught me to be very aware of reading my dog’s behaviour towards other dogs and also the fact that at times she may be overstimulated and needs a rest.
Alyson Carter

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Dog Body Language workshop this morning. I am very interested in attending more of your workshops. Also I would just like to say what a professional quality certificate you presented us all with, I am very impressed and will definetly recommend you to anyone interested in dogs and how they work.
Lynn McLauchlan

Really good workshop, like your style and the information was really enlightening. The way you explain it is like teaching letters of the alphabet, put it together and a word appears. Great stuff, would love to learn more in the future and am looking forward to reading your book.
Dexter Blain

I have 2 dogs and wanted to understand how I could read their body language.  It was a very interesting and helpful morning and Hanne has an excellent delivery of her workshop.
Debbie Bullard

I would just like to say thank you for a great morning at the Canine Exercise workshop, I found it very enjoyable and interesting and Emma is an inspiration. I especially liked the practical session outside and have been working with my guys today and they loved the new activities.
Nathan Roberts

Three-year-old Jack Russell cross, Max, has been taking part in agility since his puppy class days. I came along to the Canine Exercise workshop because I was interested in the exercises activities and learning how to observe and recognise problems. I found it really enjoyable and a really professional course; I like the suggested exercises exercises activities and will do more at home.
Sue Sami